Dan Maxwell & His Band - Self Titled 

Produced by JP Bowerock. Recorded in the Spring of 2006 at Mark Dann Recording in Woodstock, NY. Mixed & Mastered by Mark Dann. DM&HB was Dan Maxwell, Tom Galton & Ben Lindeman. Additional Guitars by JP Bowersock. Photo by Dan Maxwell. Released: December 2009.

Dan Maxwell & His Band - Wasted Time

Recorded in the Winter of 2008 at Blacklodge Recording in Eudora, KS and the Summer of 2008 at Retro Media Sound Studios in Red Bank, NJ. Mixed by Adam Vachiarelli. Mastered by Tom Coyne. DM&HB was Dan Maxwell, Tom Galton, Ben Lindeman, and Drew Galton. Photo by Mike Kingman. Design by Paul Demyanovich. Released: March 2009.

Dan Maxwell & His Band - Five Long Years: The Leftovers

Tracks 1, 3 & 7: recorded by Kyle Cadena at Kyle Cadena Studios and William Patterson University at some point between February 2006 and April 2007. Track 2: recorded at Retro Media Studios in Red Bank, NJ with the mustachioed Paul Ritchie on the board in March of 2006. Tracks 4 & 6: Recorded at Northshore Studios in Madison, NJ with Ryan Sellick in late 2006 and Early 2007. Tracks 5, 9 & 11: Recorded Live at the Trash Bar in Williamsburg Brooklyn and the Delancey in NYC in 2009. Tracks 8, 10, 12 & 13: Recorded by us in my mom’s old basement on Niles Ave in Madison, NJ into an old Tascam Cassette 4 Track and Garage Band. All the guitars, keys and vocals were recorded through the built in mic on an old iBook laptop. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Track 14: recorded live at Pianos in New York City in December of 2008. The band on these tracks was Dan Maxwell, Ben Lindeman and Tom Galton. Additionals guitars by Peter Martin on 4; Andrew Prolow on 5, 9 & 11; and Drew Galton on 14. Drums by Matt Langner on tracks 5, 9 & 11. All tracks produced by Dan Maxwell & His Band. Photo by Dan Maxwell. Compilation Released: February 2012.